Fertiliser carrier

Vermiculite G as a fertiliser substrate

Fertiliser carrier

Vermiculite G is an aluminium-iron-magnesium-silicate which belongs to the mica group of minerals. It contains lots of valuable minerals and supplies plants with trace elements, especially with iron, silicon and magnesium.

Vermiculite G is an accordion-like granulate with millions of tiny layers of air in which water and especially nutrient ions can be stored (up to 600%) and given to the plant roots as required (exchanging ions).

Vermiculite G as a substrate in containers (plastic sacks, tray etc.) Filled and supplied with the controlled nutrient and solution is suitable for plant cultures in any types of soil (hydroculture).

Physical properties

Hardness 1.5 - 3 n.d. Moh scale
Granulation K0, K1, K2, K3, K4
Vol. weight dry 70-160 g/l
Vol. weight moist 427 - 450 g/l
Water content at water saturation 449 - 531 ml/l
Air content at water saturation 408 - 503 ml/l
Pore volumes 939 - 952 ml/l
PH value approx. 7.5
KAK (cation exchange capacity) 70 mmol/z/100g Vermiculite

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