plates, stones and moulded parts (made of vermiculite)


The used of refined Vermiculite can take place for kawalite plates, stones and moulded parts with individual, customised shapes. Vermiculite as a refined product displays properties that are particularly advantageous for ecological thermal and sound insulation as well as in preventative fire protection:

  • Big volume at low weight
  • Natural clay mineral
  • Non-flammable
  • Free of pollutants and heavy metals
  • Free of fibres
  • Temperature resistant up to 1100 °C

Use the possibilities offered by our professional team. We have been producing individual moulded parts since 1985. These are used by the electrical industry for switch housings and disconnector rings. In glass ceramic hobs, you will find moulded parts as well as in night storage heaters.

Fire protection process is the material in fire protection doors, closing flaps, chimney doors, and individual fire protection facilities; heating boiler construction for thermal inclusion, in the construction of safes to improve the risk classification and for open chimneys to replace fireclay bricks. The advantage over fireclay is the low weight and smooth surface.

Due to the heat deflecting effect of the material, the combustion temperature increases and therefore improves the waste gas reaction (less emissions).
Vermiculite - moulded parts are used as remaining core parts in aluminium cast pieces e.g. car aluminium wheel rims

Further application areas from A-Z can be found in

  • Aluminium induction ovens
  • Aluminium melting furnaces
  • Automobile industry
  • Glass trays
  • Foundries
  • Industrial chimneys
  • Power station boilers
  • Coking plants
  • Metal
  • Smelting
  • Metallurgical furnaces
  • Waste incineration plants
  • Open fires and tiled stoves
  • Friction bellows production
  • Shipbuilding
  • Forging furnace
  • Steel works
  • Tunnel furnaces/tunnel furnace carriages
  • Fluidised bed combustion systems
  • Sugar factories


Due to the natural character of Vermiculite, the material can be returned to the natural cycle without any concerns.

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