Megaverm is a natural clay mineral without chemical product additives. Megaverm is sterile, bacteria and germ-free, non-rotting, odourless, skin-friendly and is convenient to process. With its thermal insulating, breathable and biologically tested properties for living areas, it achieves a wide range of uses. Megaverm is used in dry roof and floor fillers. Megaverm is an environmentally product which can be reused.

Technical data

Building class A1 non-flammable acc. to DIN 4102
Thermal conductivity value λ = 0.07 W/mK according to DIN 4108
Granulation 3-6 mm
Diffusion resistance μ 10
Bulk weigt 70 - 80 Kg /m³
Delivery unit 100 litre sack

Practical applications are:

  • Lofts
  • beams
  • between lumbers
  • roof recesses
  • vaulted ceilings
  • cavity filling

Megaverm can be mixed with the following binders:

  • clay
  • chalk
  • plaster
  • cement
  • resin etc.

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EN 2
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