Interspersing medium

Vermiculite as an interspersing medium in poultry, cattle and pig rearing

Interspersing medium

Vermiculite as an interspersing medium in chick breeding or as cat litter. The absorbed vermiculite improves the digestion (grinding in a chicken's stomach) of the food and supports the healthy growth process of chicks.

Due to the release of minerals and trace elements contained in vermiculite, the immune system is strengthened. Due to the brittle surface structure of vermiculite, the soft, light feathers remain hanging under the breast feathers of birds.

Mixed with other mineral components, vermiculiteserves as an interspersing medium in bedding for poultry, cattle, pigs and other animals.

  • Absorbs moisture (up to 600 %) and therefore dries bedding areas or piglet nests
  • Reduces germs
  • Dries the calf or piglet skin after birth
  • Has a warmth insulating effect and therefore prevents the reduction in body temperature (see reptile breeding)
  • Mucous loosening effect on newly born piglets due to the brittle surface of vermiculite
  • Binds pollutants, ammoniacs and improves the air quality in the stable
  • Vermiculiteis ph-neutral and skin friendly
  • Vermiculiteis healthy and safe and can therefore be used without restrictions (see vermiculiteas a feed and carrier substance)
  • Vermiculiteand completely germ-free and therefore ensures healthy breeding

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