Isoperl 2

Isoperl 2

Isoperl®-2 is a grained, heat and sound insulating levelling bulk on a  Perlite-basis in a special grain for applications.

Isoperl®-2 can also find applications directly as an essential part of refinement products.

  • Aggregate for interior plaster DIN 4102
  • Filling and aggregate substance for fine plaster and installation slots

For thermal and acoustic insulation and for avoiding condensation in humid rooms.

Isoperl®-2 and Isoperl®-5 are frequently used as substrates for liquids, as for white products such as milk powder products and urea, and are also approved for organic and ecological feeds.

Isoperl® is also used in formulas in which you want to achieve a good anti-caking effect (no clumps) with small quantities of additives.  Due to the structure of Isoperl® it is easy to link and is therefore used as a filler in rubber processing (toothbrushes with rubber ribs with Isoperl®), abrasion coats, abrasion pastes (toothpaste for professional teeth cleaning) and in the paper industry etc.

Technical data

Building class A1 non-flammable according to DIN 4102
Thermal conductivity value λ = 0.0055 W/mK
Granulation 0-2 mm
Bulk weight 60 Kg /m³

Form of delivery

100 litre sack, paper or PE, Big Bag

Vermiculit Isoperl Dustex Brandschutz Brandschutz-Systeme