Isoperl®-Dustex® is a grained, heat and sound insulating levelling bulk on a perlite-basis under screeds. Dust-borne with a special emulsion.


Isoperl®-Dustex® is poured directly onto the cleaned bare ceiling and is pulled level and horizontal with a straight edge or using gauges. When introducing more than 40 mm in thickness, a sealing of 20 % must be considered.  Isoperl®-Dustex® fillings introduced in this way must also be mechanically sealed. This takes place by placing switch boards on the cover plates or on bitumen corrugated cardboard and sealing it with a hand beater or a light surface shaker.

Then the cement or mastic asphalt coat can be applied.

Material requirements

12 litres Isoperl®-Dustex® per m² of surface and per cm of thickness including 20 Vol.-% sealing.

Special processing information3

For wet coats, Isoperl®-Dustex® dry filler should be covered with bitumen corrugated cardboard, whereby attention should be paid that the individual tracks overlap by at least 8 cm.

For mastic asphalt screeds, cover plates such as fibre plates with a thickness of 8 - 10 mm are placed on the Isoperl®-Dustex® dry filler under consideration of a clean impact edge with joint displacement. The mastic asphalt is then introduced.

To make sure that the quality of the Isoperl®-Dustex® dry fillers are not adversely affected, switch boards should be used when sealing and the screed masses placed over laid planks.

Installation thickness of Isoperl®-Dustex® and recommended screed thicknesses.

Isoperl®-Dustex®Minimum thickness of mastic asphaltMinimum thickness of cement coat
up to 30 mm 30 mm 35 mm
above 40 mm incl. seal 25 - 30 mm 40 - 45 mm

Typical chemical analysis

SiO2 74.84%
CaO 1.69%
Al2O3 12.91%
MgO 0.10%
TiO2 0.19%
Na2O 3.71%
Fe2O3 1.32%
K2O 4.52%

Technical data

building material DIN 4102-A1, non-flammable
λ 0.050 W/(m*K)
Granulation 0-6 mm
Bulk weight approx 85 kg/m³
Strength 0.01MN/m² (the planning thickness is the reduced installation thickness corresponding with the seal of 20 Vol.-%.)

Delivery unit

100 litre plastic sacks

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