Isoperl G

Isoperl®-G 2, Isoperl®-G 5 for ecological gardening

Isoperl G

Isoperl®-G for use in the agricultural sector. The special structure of the individual Isoperl® grain is produced from the natural stone, perlite, without chemical additives which results in a balanced ratio between open and closed cells. Isoperl®-G is found in growing vegetables, plants and herbs, often used neat as a substrate without soil, whereby growing takes place in grow-bags or plant containers filled with Isoperl®-G.


Isoperl®-G ensures health plant growth. With its high water absorption capacity and simultaneous high air pore content, Isoperl®-G allows sufficient oxygen supply and an optimal, even water saturation without producing waterlogging (prevents excess salt).

Special applications areas are gardeners who prefer to use Isoperl®-G for cutting reproduction and soil loosening.

Isoperl®-G in an appropriate ratio to plant soil - up to 50% in extreme cases - and possibly N-P-K fertiliser increase growth and the general condition of the plants.

  • Pure, environmentally-friendly natural product
  • Strong shoots
  • Healthy cuttings
  • Pleasing growth
  • A natural mineral - free of germs
  • 55-65kg/m³, 80-90 kg/m³
  • With a pH value of approximately 7 neutral
  • Water storing and soil airing
  • Prevents waterlogging and is compatible with any soil
  • No plant and animal endangering fungi and bacteria
  • Resistant to frost and temperatures
  • Regulates released nutrients
  • Supports fine root growth
  • Reduces repotting shock
  • Long-term soil improvement
  • Areas of application
  • Gardening and landscaping
  • Roof gardens and roof greenery
  • Sport and golf courses
  • The plants at each stage of growth
  • Vegetable, verb and flower cultivation
  • Growth aid when planting trees
  • Loosening of plant soil
  • Plants in tubs and balcony boxes
  • Aggregate for improving potted and container plants
  • Interspersing for quick composting

Application recommendations:

Application areasAdded to plant soil in %
Open land cultures
e.g. vegetables, strawberries, herbs, summer flowers 10 - 15%
shrubs, ground covers, vines, berries, tree school cultures 20 - 25%
Glass cultures
Vegetables and cut flowers 10 - 20%
Substrate mixing
Balcony boxes, plant tubs, planted soundproofing walls 30 - 40%
Cultivation of young plants 25 - 30%
Potted plants with low soil air requirements
e.g. hydrangeas, potted chrysanthemums 20 - 30%
Potted plants with high soil air requirements
e.g. ferns, green plants and cyclamen 30 - 35%
Bedded plants
Bedded plants 30 - 40%
e.g. rhododendrons, azaleas, heather, flower soils 30 - 50%
Surface application
new grass (including sport lawns, roof gardens etc.) 20 - 40%
Grass base layers, reduced 10 - 20%
Tree planting 15 - 25%
Ground covers, shrubs, soil improvement 20 - 25%
Substrate mixing
Grass base layers
Forced mixing acc. to DIN 18035/4
15 - 25%
Light substrates for plant tubs with turf and compost 20 - 30%
with light to medium soils 20 - 25%
>with heavy soils 25 - 30%
Plant hole treatment
Added per 10 l of soil removal 30 - 50%

Typical chemical analysis

SiO2 60-80%
CaO 0-2%
Al2O3 12-16%
MgO 0-1%
TiO2 0-1%
Na2O 5-10%
Fe2O3 0-1%
K2O 2-5%

Form of delivery

100 litre sack, paper or PE

Vermiculit Isoperl Dustex Brandschutz Brandschutz-Systeme