Staudt fire protection technology

Cable fire stop S90 / fire protection mortar TROMEX® or fire protection

Staudt fire protection technology

putty type FTS-K

Solid fire stop consisting of fire protection mortar TROMEX or fire protection putty type FTS-K, for separating electrical cables of all types and cables for telecommunications including light wave cables.

Fire resistance class according to DIN 4102-9: 

  • S90

DIBt approvals: 

  • No. Z-19.15-800 fire protection mortar TROMEX
  • No. Z-19.15-195 fire protection putty type FTS-K

Areas of application:

  • Installation in solid walls or ceilings
  • Installation in light partition walls (TROMEX only)

Post-installation precautions:

  • Fire protection cushions (BSK / St-BSK) or
  • post-installation wedges (NIK / UK)

Your advantages

  • Mechanically steady partitions
  • Excellent mounting simplicity
  • No post-installation precautions
  • No coating of cables and cable trays necessary
  • No additional support for cable bearing construction is necessary

TROMEX® fire protection mortar

S90 universal use cable fire stop. TROMEX fire protection mortar is stirred without adding any additives except for water. For equipping the reserve space with post-installation wedges NIK (alternatively fire protection cushions).
Partition depth: 200mm

Fire protection putty TYPE FTS-K

S90 cable fire stop for use in areas with high cleanliness requirements. The fire protection putty is supplied in a mouldable consistency ready to use. Equipping the reserves spaces with post-installation wedges UK (Alternative fire cushions).
Fire stop depth: 200mm

Fire protection cushions

S90 separation of empty and reserve openings that are not yet occupied by cables, cuboid shaped solid form. Simple handling, laying without mortar or putty.

Fire protection putty K

Putty cartridges preferably to separate individual cable recesses, for post-installation or difficult to access areas.

Combination options

Combination of fire protection mortar and fire protection cushions or combination of fire protection putty and fire protection cushions.

Electrical installation channels set

S90 separation with Staudt fire protection putty and arrangement of post-installation wedges if necessary. 
Additional benefits: soundproofing

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